Now, I will fully admit that I believe that there’s aliens out there somewhere in our infinite universe.  I don’t necessarily think that every hilljack that claims they got sucked into a space ship and anally probed is doing anything other than coming up for an excuse about why he had to go to the doctor for a prolapsed rectum and anal injuries.  However that being said…. this is what they brought up, that sparked my interest, was the sudden change in aircraft design seems more like reverse engineering an alien space ship rather than a natural technological evolution of design.

So this is what I looked up…

in 1935, this was the fastest aircraft in the world.  The Hughes H-1 Racer, which went an impressive 354.4 MPH.

Hughes H-1 Racer
Hughes H-1 Racer at the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum. Photo by Eric Long.

Pretty nifty… so let’s jump ahead to 1946, the year before the big Roswell supposed alien ship recovery, the Gloster Meteor was the fastest airplane we had, doing 606 MPH, in 11 years, we got to see air speeds ALMOST double, but we also had the switch from a single prop engine to twin jet engines between the two planes.  But the physical design isn’t very much changed.


So let’s go another 15 years, to 1961, 15 years of airplane evolution has lead us to the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, hitting an obscene 1,600+ MPH.  WIth  a not very changed design shape as the plane above…

Holloman AFB F-4 Phantom II

Then just 3 years later, in December of 1964, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird took it’s first flight…  now looking back at the evolution of these planes over the past 26 years above…. this seems like the next logical step in 3 years of aircraft evolution, right?  It was another 500 miles per hour faster, and eventually in 1975, it would have an official speed of 2,193+MPH.   And it looked like this!

As my coworker said, “Does that look like a natural progression of design, or does it look like reverse engineering of something from another world?  Especially in the early 1960s.


I’m not saying I believe in anything one way or another, but it IS pretty interesting… it’s also kind of interesting that the airspeed record has stood with this aircraft since 1975.  Even the Concorde, which was introduced in 1976, 12 years after the blackbird, looked more like the natural evolution of aircraft, and only did 1,354 MPH.   Like there was a sudden disinterest in breaking the air speed record.  Even the land speed record, which I would think would be harder to keep improving on was set in 1997, 

Just something to think about.

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