Certified Cool Dude and Generally Awesome Guy.

Your source of questionable advice, misadventures, crushing defeats in trivia games and unlimited supplies of high fives for fellow dudes, and hot make outs for the ladies

Frank’s state of coolness was forged in the New Jersey winter of 1975 when he triumphantly squirted forth into this world and established his dominant aura of awesome upon the earth. 

Over the years his status of super-genius had become obvious as to this date, he still has yet to be wrong about ANYTHING.  This is verified through his database of personal errors, which still does not have a single entry.

Politically speaking, Frank is a life long, middle of the road, independent.  To this day, due to his incredible understanding of the world, politics, and life in general… In EVERY single election where he was able to vote, he has a perfect record of voting for the person who should have won.

As a native of south Jersey, Frank has spent a life time of avidly supporting Philadelphia Sports teams, and regardless of the fact that they have a history of not being champions, because Frank is their fan, they are all verified as the best teams to ever play in professional sports… The Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, and the Sixers (Except for the Celtics during Larry Bird’s Tenure, he concedes they were the best during that time).   

Frank has immaculate taste in entertainment in general, if he tells you that the music you like sucks, just accept it, because it does.  If he rolls his eyes when you tell him what your favorite show is, that’s a cue that you’re out of your element… Don’t feel bad, you’re probably not a certified cool dude.